40 YEARS AGO: Maneaters “Nine to Five”, Toyah Wilcox – “Jubilee”

40 YEARS AGO: Maneaters “Nine to Five”, Toyah Wilcox – “Jubilee”

“July 9, 1982

ADAM ANT and TOYAH are the subject of a little more exploitation by Polydor Records. A song that the pair did together four years ago for the “Jubilee” soundtrack has been dusted off and released as a single. After Adam’s lawyers caught wind of this impending single, they insisted that it not be packaged as “Adam Ant & Toyah” as they had intended, but instead as “The Maneaters,” the name that the song appeared originally under. 

That way, the embarrassing song is less likely to be connected with the sensitive Adam. The story that Adam relates is that while filming Jubilee, producer Derek Jarman asked Adam to help out Toyah with the song. Adam says he helped on the lyrics and played the part of a session musician on it, but it’s not a duet as the proposed packaging would lead you to believe. He’s encouraging his fans to ignore the release and what little royalties he does receive he’s planning to forward on to the charitable Multiple Sclerosis Music Therapy.vThe song on the 45 is “Nine To Five” and is flipped with Suzi Pinns singing “Jerusalem,”valso from the Jubilee soundtrack.”

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