THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Throwing Muses – “Dizzy”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Throwing Muses – “Dizzy”.

A fairly blatant bid for semi-mainstream acceptance, “Dizzy” was by far the most straightforward song Throwing Muses had yet recorded.

Kristin Hersh’s lyrics for once tell a coherent story (Indian girl runs away with white boy) and the song features the catchiest and most traditional chorus the group had ever attempted up to that point.

Although the southwestern-themed lyrics don’t quite convince (in a 1990 interview on MTV, the New England-bred Hersh admitted that she’d gone to the library to research the geography and culture of the Texas panhandle), “Dizzy” is an undeniably tuneful and memorable tune that proves that unlike some of their peers, Throwing Muses weren’t being deliberately obscure and angular out of an inability to write a proper pop song.