MIXTAPE: Under the Radar #133 (24.09.2017)

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UNDER THE RADAR: Screaming Females – “Black Moon”


UNDER THE RADAR: Screaming Females – “Black Moon”.

Ass-kicking New Jersey rockers Screaming Females were last seen kicking the world’s collective ass with their 2015 album Rose Mountain, one of the year’s best. Last week, they announced that they were releasing a new single called “Black Moon,” but only 24 copies of it were sold at one record store in New Jersey. But now, thankfully, the rest of us can hear it — which is good, because it’s awesome.


UNDER THE RADAR: Bootblacks – “For You (Lois)”


UNDER THE RADAR: Bootblacks – “For You (Lois)”.

Brooklyn-based post-punk band Bootblacks have been dazzling the world with their powerful live performances since their inception in 2010. They’re the perfect package- punchy records, compelling imagery, unstoppable live energy, and a delicious shroud of mystery surrounding their craft.

Their latest record Fragments is a meditation on life and loss, set to a darkwave backdrop. Over the course of eight tracks, the band expands on their already eclectic sonic territory, combining the dancefloor edge of Xymox with the anthemic power of early U2. Guitarist Alli Gorman channels the trademark delay techniques of The Edge and The Chameleons to cut through the heavy synth arpeggios, courtesy of newest member Barrett Hiatt (The Harrow, Automelodi). Roger Humanbeing’s drums thunder and crack, while Panther MacDonald’s vocals and lyrics are both biting and introspective.


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Tom Tom Club – “As above so below”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Tom Tom Club – “As above so below”.

Avant garde video for “As Above, So Below” directed by fellow RISD graduate Mary Lambert.

Although that video was never officially sanctioned by Warner Bros. Records, its black and white, grainy filmic qualities and mix of salacious sex and tarot readings seems far more in line with the quirky, kitschy aesthetic of the self-titled album.


UNDER THE RADAR: Tom Tom Club – “As Above So Below”


UNDER THE RADAR: Tom Tom Club – “As Above So Below”.

In honor of the 36th anniversary of Tom Tom Club’s self-titled debut album, the band has released a new music video for “As Above, So Below.” Directed by Nico du Pouldou, the video features husband-and-wife duo Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth situated on an absurdist beach, where the properties of physics and logic are meaningless.


UNDER THE RADAR: Depeche Mode blast off in new “Cover Me” video


UNDER THE RADAR: Depeche Mode blast off in new “Cover Me” video.

Directed by longtime collaborator Anton Corbijn, the black and white video has a stark, futuristic tone. Dressed in a space suit, frontman Dave Gahan wanders through the streets of Los Angeles before taking a seat on a bench with a view of the beach. As he gazes into the sky, Gahan’s daydreams transport him to space.