IN CONCERT: The Ramones live at Winterland, 28/12/1978 (Full Concert)


IN CONCERT: The Ramones live at Winterland, 28/12/1978 (Full Concert).

This powerful and rare recording of the Ramones was culled from the private archives of the late Bill Graham. Recorded three days after Christmas in 1978 at Winterland in San Francisco, it features the seminal punk band in what many feel was its strongest musical period.

Recorded Live: 12/28/1978 – Winterland (San Francisco, CA)
0:00:00 – Rockaway Beach (Incomplete)
0:01:51 – Teenage Lobotomy
0:03:44 – Blitzkrieg Bop
0:05:54 – I Don’t Want You
0:08:31 – Go Mental
0:10:34 – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
0:12:04 – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School
0:14:23 – I Wanna Be Sedated
0:16:51 – I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
0:19:23 – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
0:21:38 – I’m Against It
0:23:36 – Commando
0:25:38 – Needles and Pins
0:28:31 – Surfin’ Bird
0:31:05 – Cretin Hop
0:32:46 – Listen To My Heart
0:34:21 – California Sun
0:36:05 – I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
0:37:26 – Pinhead
0:39:58 – Do You Wanna Dance?
0:41:45 – We’re A Happy Family

UNDER THE RADAR: Thom Yorke – “Villain” Rag Bone s/s 2016 soundtrack

UNDER THE RADAR: Thom Yorke – “Villain” Rag Bone s/s 2016 soundtrack.

Thom Yorke shares epic new song “Villain”.

Recently, Thom Yorke debuted brand new music during solo gigs in the UK and Japan. The Radiohead frontman keeps the fresh material with a song called “Villain”.

Eerie and expansive, the eight-minute number alternates between dusky piano ballad and skittery IDM, with vocals provided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

The track premiered as part of the New York Fashion Week runway show for Rag & Bone.

DOC: Joy Division – The Documentary


DOC: Joy Division – The Documentary.

Joy Division is a 2007 British documentary film on the British post-punk band Joy Division, directed by Grant Gee.

The film assembles TV clips, newsreel, pictures of modern Manchester and Manchester in the late 1970s, and interviews. The interviewees include the three surviving members of the group, Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Pete Shelley (of Buzzcocks), Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (of Throbbing Gristle), Alan Hempsall (of Crispy Ambulance), Paul Morley, Terry Mason, Richard Boon, Anton Corbijn, and Belgian journalist Annik Honoré, with whom Ian Curtis was having an affair.

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Killing Joke – “Unspeakable”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Killing Joke – “Unspeakable”.

“Unspeakable” is arguably the hidden highlight of the album What’s THIS For…! (1981), Coleman’s heavily flanged, distorted singing sliding down a slowly descending chord pattern that suggests an early glam band gone martial and paranoid, Ferguson all over his set like four people at once.