UNDER THE RADAR: Cavern of Anti Matter – “liquid gate” (ft. Bradford Cox)


UNDER THE RADAR: Cavern of Anti Matter – “liquid gate” (ft. Bradford Cox).

Three years after releasing their debut EP, Stereolab offshoot Cavern of Anti-Matter is finally set to drop their first full-length. Dubbed Void Beats / Invocation Trex and due out February 19 via Duophonic, the album sees Stereolab co-founder Tim Gane teaming with drummer Joe Dillworth and synth player Holger Zapf. They’ve also called in a score of guest artists, including Bradford Cox of Deerhunter.

Cox joins the group on new single “Liquid Gate”, a psychedelic jaunt featuring equally trippy visuals from director Peter Strickland

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UNDER THE RADAR: Suuns – “Translate”


UNDER THE RADAR: Suuns – “Translate”.

Canadian noir-indie lords Suuns are set to return with a new album, and they’re introducing new single Translate.

The song showcases the group’s meticulously crafted sound, combining ominous synths with spiralling guitars, pulse-quickening percussion and breathy vocals.

“Translate” has been paired with a video courtesy of director Charles-André Coderre and uses thermal imagery to achieve a trippy, colourful effect

The album Hold/Still will officially hit shelves on April 15, 2016 through Secret City in Canada and Secretly Canadian in the U.S.

UNDER THE RADAR: Elephant Stone – “Where I’m Going”


UNDER THE RADAR: Elephant Stone – “Where I’m Going”.

Montreal’s Elephant Stone have a new album on the way titled Ship of Fools. You can hear a bit of it right now via single “Where I’m Going” which is full-on dance rock, in their distinctly psychedelic way.

2nd single out Feb 5th, 2016 from Elephant Stone’s upcoming release, Ship Of Fools.



“Complete Control”—It’s The Clash’s fourth best song, featured on the U.S. release of their debut album.

The song which is supposedly a “fiery polemic on record companies, managers and the state of punk music itself” is actually quite indecipherable —UNTIL NOW.

I mean, you could do the boring thing and look up the actual lyrics on the Interwebs, or you could just take Jacob Rice‘s word for it—he’s prepared a video which does a very punk rock job of figuring out what the fuck mealy-mouthed frontman of “the only band that matters,” Joe Strummer is actually saying in “Complete Control.”

“Open up the baklava! Dick Gephardt and a gecko!”

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THIS IS OUR MUSIC: David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ – a tribute to John Lennon


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ – a tribute to John Lennon.

Although I can easily think of better circumstances for its recent unveiling, at long last a much bootlegged (audio only) and highly emotional performance by David Bowie of John Lennon’s “Imagine” on December 8th, 1983—the third anniversary of the Beatle’s murder—at the Hong Kong Coliseum has surfaced on YouTube.

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