THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Boomtown Rats – “She’s So Modern”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Boomtown Rats – “She’s So Modern”.

“She’s So Modern” is a single by The Boomtown Rats.It was the first song taken from the band’s second album “A Tonic for the Troops” whose title comes from a line in this song: “Charlie ain’t no Nazi, she just likes to wear her leather boots, ‘cos it’s exciting for the veterans and it’s a tonic for the troops”.

While described as “harmlessly smirking bubblegum a la the Knack”, the single continued the Rats’ high energy post-punk/new wave sound that had typified earlier releases.

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Fall – “Eat Y’Self Fitter”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Fall – “Eat Y’Self Fitter”.

Song from “Perverted by Language”, the sixth studio album by English Post-punk band The Fall. It was released on 12 December 1983, through record label Rough Trade.

“Eat Y’Self Fitter,” touching on everything from meeting heroes (maybe) to returning late rental videos, makes for a great start to things, an endlessly cycling rockabilly chug with extra keyboard oddities and sudden music-less exchanges for the chorus.

John Peel picked this song as one of his Desert Island Discs; when Peel had first heard the track – in a session the band recorded in March 1983 – he stated on air that he had fainted and his producer, John Walters, had had to resuscitate him.

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