Patience is a word infused with many emotive connotations, the implication of waiting, the fear of failure, the quiet longing for some potential event, knowing it may never come. Patience is also the new alias for the music of songwriter Roxanne Clifford, best known as the singer in Bella Union signed, London jangle-pop trio, Veronica Falls.

This week, Patience has shared the A-side of her debut single, The Church. The track buzzes like an early 1980’s disco; synths buzz, drum machines play out simple pounding rhythms, and Roxanne’s voice soars with emotive depth. Picture Elizabeth Fraser guesting on the best Human League track you’ve ever heard and you won’t be far off how good this sounds. Fittingly, Roxanne has yet to share details of what the future plans are for this project, don’t worry though we’re sure Patience will be worth the wait.

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MIXTAPE: Powerful Pop by Little Records

MIXTAPE: Powerful Pop by Little Records.

One hour of power-pop from the late ’70s through the early ’90s from bands who were influenced by Big Star, The Raspberries, Cheap Trick, Badfinger, The Kinks, The Beatles, and the like. On this episode, we’ll hear from DM3 (pictured), Nick Lowe, The Grays, Payola$, Wondermints, The Beat, Smudge, The Lads, The Pop, Shoes, Kimberley Rew, The Jam, Pointed Sticks, Scott McCaughey, Matthew Sweet, The Plugz, Velvet Crush, and much more.

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Bauhaus – “Spirit”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Bauhaus – “Spirit”.
“Spirit” was written in tribute and appreciation of Bauhaus’s following as well as what the band liked to call its fifth member, a spirit that seemed to take them over during performances. To outsiders the concluding call of “We love our audience!” might have seemed either like irony or flattery, but there was indeed something more to it than that.

The song itself was rerecorded in a more straightforward, radio-friendly take as a single, but it’s the album version from The Sky’s Gone Out that’s the one to seek out, beginning with a guitar melody almost reminiscent of an old troubadour, a feeling intensified by the rolling, pounding drums from Kevin Haskins.

Peter Murphy’s detailing of the power of theatre, packed with references to any number of technical terms and the interaction of performer and observer, leads into the final climactic chant, the band’s collective singing matched in intensity by the ever-louder, triumphant music.





Poliça video for their single “Wedding” from their LP “United Crushers”, released March 2016 on Mom + Pop.

Taking a view point that’s effective while maintaining its musicality, the video meshes documentation with surrealistic representation in order to give the sort of horrific representation that police brutality so deserves.