In 1984, director Christopher Collins made a film of the same name that essentially strung together six videos of songs by Cherry Red artists. . (Everything But the Girl, Marine Girls, and Eyeless in Gaza Everything But the Girl’s “On My Mind,” Kevin Hewick, Fantastic Something, and the Monochrome Set). 

Pillows and Prayers — The DVD is above-average for mid-’80s rock video, the clips showing the artists in peculiar, sometimes surrealistic settings that seem halfway between the British suburbs and the British countryside, although the Monochrome Set’s “Jet Set Junta” is a more conventional performance-on-soundstage looking bit. The clips are linked together, on a more surrealistic note, by ’50s British TV advertisements, as well as a bored-looking young woman switching a TV channel to mark the start of many of the different sections. The music, in keeping with the Cherry Red aesthetic, is diverse and poppy in an uncommercial way, combining new wave with some suave jazziness and quirky humility. This film forms the core of this DVD release,. Some names that are recognizable are Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl.

40 YEARS AGO: Madness: ‘Take It Or Leave It’ documentary film.


40 YEARS AGO: Madness: ‘Take It Or Leave It’ documentary film.

“October 14, 1981

MADNESS’ movie “Take It Or Leave It” opens at the Camden Town Gate 3 Cinema.

The film follows the career of the band from when they were an unknown local combo called The Invaders in ’78, up to the recording of their debut single “One Step Beyond”. The band has gone to great lengths to re-create a November ’78 gig at the Acklam Hall where the Invaders were on stage with three diehard fans dancing down front, fans that are now two of their roadies and Chas Smash the dancing focal counterpoint to Suggsy on-stage. 

Chas told the NME, “We’re trying to make the film as honest as we can. There isn’t any dramatized crap. It’s not going to be glossy. It’s just about a lot of ordinary people who join a band a make a record. Suggs adds; “That’s it. The film just shows that anyone can make a record. We didn’t want it to be all hotels, tours, albums, studio talk and all the music business things. We wanted it to be about us a people and how the band Madness came to be. After all the rubbish like Breaking Glass, we just felt that someone should do a proper film about starting a group.”

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40 YEARS AGO: Echo and the Bunnymen “Shine So Hard” Movie – Directed by John Smith, 1981


40 YEARS AGO: Echo and the Bunnymen “Shine So Hard” Movie – Directed by John Smith, 1981

“August 13, 1981ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN’s movie “Shine So Hard”, that was filmed at the Royal Pavilion in Buxton, premiers tonight in London at the I.C.A. Cinema. It is twenty minutes long and features live footage of the band as well as some “arty” diversions. Also on the bill with “Shine So Hard” is another twenty minute film of the Bunnymen playing in Florence, Italy, that was shot back in June.”

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40 YEARS AGO: DANCE CRAZE is the new concert film that tries to capture the “best of British ska”.


40 YEARS AGO: DANCE CRAZE is the new concert film that tries to capture the “best of British ska”.
“February 15, 1981
DANCE CRAZE is the new concert film that tries to capture the “best of British ska” all in one movie. It’s made of up clips from concerts by all the major bands associated with the “two-tone” movement and more, including The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, The Beat, Bodysnatchers and Bad Manners.
The live footage captures The Beat in their recent US tour, the Specials at Rotter’s in Liverpool, and Madness at St. George’s Hall in Bradford. The film opened tonight in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. A soundtrack is already out.
“Opening” the tour of Dance Craze is another rockin’ film, Meteor Madness by The Meteors. It’s a 25-minute promo farce where The Devil (ol’ Scratch himself) conjures up an experiment to covert three youths into the ultimate sports celebrities and goes tragically haywire. They become the Meteors and that infuriates Satan because he hates rock and roll and loves sport. In fact, the film has the Devil living in the basement of a sports store. It’s not meant to be serious but it is absurd fun and a devil of an explanation for this new ‘psychobilly’ that the Meteors play.”
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40 YEARS AGO: Dance Craze, the movie and the 2 Tone Records Soundtrack


40 YEARS AGO: Dance Craze, the movie and the 2 Tone Records Soundtrack
“February 4, 1981
“DANCE CRAZE” the soundtrack, precedes the cinematic release by almost a week. On the LP, the twenty-six performances on the film are distilled down to fifteen songs. The Specials play “Concrete Jungle,”” Man At C&A,” and “Nite Club.” The Beat perform “Mirror In The Bathroom,” “Big Shot,” and “Ranking Full Stop.” Bad Manners are in with “Lip Up Fatty” and “Inner London Violence.” Madness play “Razor Blade Alley,” “One Step Beyond” and “Night Boat To Cairo.” The Selecter are represented well by live versions of “Three Minute Hero,” “Missing Words” and “Too Much Pressure.” Finally, the Bodysnatchers are heard doing “Easy Life.” The soundtrack is on 2 Tone Records, even though Bad Manners, The Beat and Madness are not on the label.”
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Subverted and amusing piece about the history of kebabs, infused with a punk flavour.
Starring The Nipple Erectors and The Maniacs and born in the year of punk, this is a documentary about kebabs with an anarchic approach.
Look out for footage of a young Shane MacGowan at the very dawn of his career, in the short-lived punk band The Nipple Erectors (later known as the Nips). Editor Carl Haber has had an established career and founded the Rome International Film School.

40 YEARS AGO: Echo and the Bunnymen – Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens concert and the movie “Shine So Hard”


40 YEARS AGO: Echo and the Bunnymen – Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens concert and the movie “Shine So Hard”
“January 17, 1981
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN sprang out at Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens for an invitation only concert. Unlike their usual concerts, this one was in an old pavilion with high domed glass ceilings, loads of plants reminiscent of their album cover and tons of the now familiar camouflage netting they drape over their stage set. Passes to get into the concert were handed out through he band’s press office and fan club. Fans from London, Birmingham and Liverpool were put on buses for up to ten hours travel to get to the gig. Their set was filmed for a movie and possible record to be called “Shine So Hard.”
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“December 1, 1980

THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION is the soundtrack to the film of the same name just out. It’s a live collection of unique songs by seven of L.A.’s infamous underground bands.

X play three songs, “Beyond And Back,” “Johnny Hit And Run Pauline,” and “We’re Desperate,”. Black Flag rip through “White Minority,” “Depression,” and ‘”Revenge.” The Germs are in with only one track called “Manimal,” as are Catholic Discipline with “Underground Babylon.” The Circle Jerks have a four-song set on the LP of “Red Tape,” “Back Against The Wall,” “I Just Want Some Skank,” and “Beverly Hills,” while the Alice Bag Band sing their one song “Gluttony.” Finally, after taunting the crowd, Fear finish the album with three songs, “I Don’t Care About You,” “I Love Livin’ In The City” and “Fear Anthem.”

Throughout the album there are loads of clips from the movie, audio excerpts from the bands themselves, the kids on the street and confused bystanders.”

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40 YEARS AGO: The Clash – “Rude Boy” the movie


40 YEARS AGO: The Clash – “Rude Boy” the movie

“November 16, 1980

THE CLASH’s movie Rude Boy had a promotional soundtrack pulled together of the best moments from the film. Cassettes of the never-to-be-released record are sent out from Atlantic Releasing. Here’s the track listing for the album.

The song “Rudi Can’t Fail” is a recurring theme in the movie, plays over the credits and is the only studio recording in the film. It’s taken from last year’s album “London Calling.” The rest of the songs are from concert clips. “Garageland” appears early in the movie. The two songs “English Civil War” and “I Fought The Law” are from the same show, but the film clip of the earlier song was edited out of the film. It remains on this soundtrack though. The longest continuous clip is the three-song live recording of “White Man In Hammersmith Palais,” “I’m So Bored With The USA,” and"White Riot.”

The second side of the cassette starts with the couplet of “Safe European Home” and “What’s My Name,” followed by an odd rehearsal room number with Strummer at an old upright piano playing what’s called here the “Piano Song.” Unfortunately, the tape doesn’t include his follow-up number, a cover of the old Shirley & Lee ’50s song “Let The Good Times Roll.” Next up are “London’s Burning” and “White Riot,” two songs from the Clash’s outdoor concert at the 1978 Anti-Nazi League Rally in London’s Victoria Park. “White Riot” starts out with Jimmy Pursey on lead vocals. The final song is “Tommy Gun.”

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Watch David Lynch’s Short Film Fire (Pożar) featuring music by regular Lynch collaborator Marek Zebrowski.


Watch David Lynch’s Short Film Fire (Pożar) featuring music by regular Lynch collaborator Marek Zebrowski.

David Lynch has released his short film Fire (Pożar) online. The new short was written, directed, and drawn by Lynch, with music performed by the Penderecki String Quartet and written by Marek Zebrowski, a frequent Lynch collaborator who most prominently worked with him on the 2007 joint album Polish Night Music.

Written, Drawn and Directed by David Lynch
Animated by Noriko Miyakawa
Music by Marek Zebrowski