MIXTAPE: Yearbook 1979 (Part 2) by Little Records

1979 was a bossy year for music. Talking Heads warned us that memories can’t wait, Delta 5 wanted us to mind our own business, XTC was adamant that life begins at the hop, and Crass wouldn’t budge on the issue of whether we were owed a living. In part 2 of our survey of 1979, we’ll hear from those groups, plus the Ramones, Swell Maps, Public Image Ltd., The Jam, The Dickies, Joy Division, Blondie, Madness, The Disco Zombies, Avengers, Bizarros, Wire, Squeeze, Telex, Mental As Anything, Lori & The Chameleons, OMD, and much more.


MIXTAPE: Yearbook 1979 (Part 1) by Little Records

1979 was a big year: Thatcher was elected UK Prime Minister, another oil shortage plagued drivers everywhere, the USSR attacked Afghanistan, Khomeini seized power in Iran and Hussein assumed leadership in Iraq, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred, China proclaimed 1 child was enough, and Sid Vicious OD’d. In more lighthearted news, the Sony Walkman made its debut; Alien, The Deer Hunter, and Kramer vs. Kramer were big hits; and Pink Floyd released “The Wall”. In our survey of ’79 there’s no Floyd, but in Part 1 you will hear The Clash, The B-52’s, Pere Ubu, Ian Dury, The Selecter, Gang of Four, The Contortions, Spizzenergi, Germs, The Fall, & much more.

MIXTAPE: Losing Touch With My Mind by Little Records

Lately I’ve noticed my own mental health has taken a beating. Chalk it up to anxiety over the state of things worldwide, spending too much time on social media, shitty genes, lack of exercise, failing medication — or all of the above. Even creating new podcasts has been too stressful. Yet, when I turned the topic of this episode to mental health, I felt a strange release while compiling and mixing it. (Go figure.) Despite what you may be thinking, this episode isn’t a total downer; there are some humorous and lively cuts included within. But mental health is no laughing matter. I hope yours has been better than mine.

MIXTAPE: Left Of The Dial by Little Records

Our “Left Of The Dial” podcast features American bands from the more radio-friendly side of the underground rock dial in the mid-to-late 1980s. You’ll remember many of these bands from CMJ playlists of old. On this episode, we’ll listen to Violent Femmes (pictured), Government Issue, Dinosaur Jr. Beat Rodeo, The Sneetches, R.E.M., The Replacements, Sidewinders, The Leaving Trains, Game Theory, The Crucifucks, and X.