Annabel Wright The Pastels 1987


Annabel Wright The Pastels 1987


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Pastels – “Baby Honey”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Pastels – “Baby Honey”.

Rarely seen video for this song from Up for a Bit with the Pastels from 1987. Introduced by Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher) from a programme, “Rocking in the UK” which aired in the late 80s at the unsociable hour of 3am.

How times change: when it was initially released in 1986, the Pastels’ single “Baby Honey” was largely dismissed; it was only about three years later, when the Madchester explosion made it cool to marry guitar-based post-punk indie pop to hypnotic dance beats, that “Baby Honey” became retroactively cool. There’s not really a heavy dance influence on this seven-minute monster of a track; the bass and drums aren’t synthesized, the rhythms are (typically for the Pastels) completely shambolic.