MIXTAPE: Footnotes by Little Records

“Footnotes” is our episode dedicated to obscure bands that were barely more than blips on the radar. Consider this a tour of the cut-out bin in which we unearth some real highlights from groups that should’ve been better known. We’ll hear from The Martyrs (pictured), who called Champaign, IL their home, plus Snips, Bangtails, English Evenings, The Moss Poles, Fatal Microbes, The Moderns, The Prisoners, Strapping Fieldhands, Plasticland, Nice, The Perfect Disaster, The Pencils, Native Tongue, and many more.

MIXTAPE: You’ll Dance To Anything by Little Records

On our latest episode of You’ll Dance to Anything, we give you 14 reasons to get outta your office chair and move to the beat. Blancmange (pictured) are the cover stars, but we’ll also hear from Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto, New Order, The Fall, Japan, Liquid Liquid, Oppenheimer Analysis, Happy Mondays, and Minimal Compact.

MIXTAPE: Through Being Cool by Little Records

Through Being Cool is all about the New Wave. We mine the late ’70s and early ’80s for classic cuts from the underground, some of which poked their little heads above ground for a bit of fresh air. On this episode, we’ll spend some time with XTC, Romeo Void, The A’s, Divinyls, Oingo Boingo, Models, The Elvis Brothers, Simple Minds, Thompson Twins, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Fischer-Z, Bill Nelson, Flamin’ Oh’s, and plenty more.