UNDER THE RADAR: Feist – “Pleasure”


UNDER THE RADAR: Feist – “Pleasure”.

Leslie Feist announced this week that she’ll soon release Pleasure, her first album since Metals in 2011.

“Pleasure,” the new album’s opener and title track it’s an intriguing foretaste of what’s to come: surprisingly lo-fi, bluesy, and ferocious on a PJ Harvey wave while maintaining the understated grace and fortitude that has always marked Feist’s best records.



UNDER THE RADAR: Foreign Architects – “Poisonous Pill”


UNDER THE RADAR: Foreign Architects – “Poisonous Pill”

Perth Western Australia duo, comprising singer-songwriter Matt Burke and his percussionist cousin Andrew Barnett, Foreign Architects’ style is an infectious blend of indie pop, with an alternative twist. ‘Poisonous Pill’ has a psychedelic sound, and shows their diverse creative influences.

The song is accompanied by a video shot along the Perth shoreline, which has been bleached out in such a way as to convey the long hotsummers of Western Australia. It’s harsh and bright, and adds to the 60s feel of the song, albeit in a modern setting.

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UNDER THE RADAR: Girlpool – “123”


UNDER THE RADAR: Girlpool – “123”.

Girlpool have officially announced their sophomore album, Powerplant, the follow-up to Before The World Was Big, one of the best albums of 2015.

The album features a full band, and Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker were joined by drummer Miles Wintner in the studio to open up a more vibrant range of sounds compared to their previous stripped back guitar-and-bass setup.

Lead single “123” shows off this new dynamic — it starts off slow and muted before blasting into technicolor a third of the way through.



UNDER THE RADAR: Foxygen Have a New Video for “Upon a Hill”


UNDER THE RADAR: Foxygen Have a New Video for “Upon a Hill”.

Foxygen often blows a lot of their work out.The psych-rock outfit are totally comfortable crafting an album more than an hour long. The band will record six-minute tracks and musical suites that run several songs. Maximalism, in some ways, is the band’s calling card.

That said, “Upon a Hill,” from the band’s new album Hang, is short and to the point, and so too is the new video for the minute-plus track. There’s little more to see here than some goofy dancehall theatrics and red-stained shots of creepy toys crowding the screen. From a band who so often go to 11, it’s refreshing to see a touch of restraint.

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UNDER THE RADAR: Moon Duo – “Lost in Light”


UNDER THE RADAR: Moon Duo – “Lost in Light”.

The great Portland space-rockers Moon Duo have already released one album this year: The dark and fuzzy Occult Architecture Vol. 1. But before the year is even half over, they’ll release a new companion LP called, naturally, Occult Architecture Vol. 2.

The new album represents the yin to the first LP’s yang, and if first single “Lost In Light” is any indication, it’ll be an absolutely gorgeous stargazer of a record. The woozy and comforting new single has a video from animator Micah Buzan, who also directed the band’s nightmarish and great video for the first-album single “Cold Fear.” The new video uses some of the say way-out psychedelic imagery as that “Cold Fear” clip, but this time, it’s pretty and utopian rather than horrifically fucked up.

‘Occult Architecture Vol. 2’ out May 5, 2017 on Sacred Bones Records.