UNDER THE RADAR: David Bowie – “I Can’t Give Everything Away”


UNDER THE RADAR: David Bowie – “I Can’t Give Everything Away”.

The mesmerizing, “positive” lyric video for David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away” has been unveiled. The video was created by artist Jonathan Barnbrook, whose unique iconography and typeface are seen throughout the artwork of Bowie’s ★ (pronounced Blackstar).

“This is really a very simple little video that I wanted to be ultimately positive,” Barnbrook said in a statement. “We start off in black and white world of ★, but in the final chorus we move to brilliant color, I saw it as a celebration of David, to say that despite the adversity we face, the difficult things that happen such as David’s passing, that human beings are naturally positive, they look forward and can take the good from the past and use it as something to help with the present. We are a naturally optimistic species and we celebrate the good that we are given.”

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THIS IS OUR MUSIC: David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ – a tribute to John Lennon


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: David Bowie sings ‘Imagine’ – a tribute to John Lennon.

Although I can easily think of better circumstances for its recent unveiling, at long last a much bootlegged (audio only) and highly emotional performance by David Bowie of John Lennon’s “Imagine” on December 8th, 1983—the third anniversary of the Beatle’s murder—at the Hong Kong Coliseum has surfaced on YouTube.

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IN CONCERT: David Bowie Glass Spider tour live 1987 (full concert: 1h 45m)


IN CONCERT: David Bowie Glass Spider tour live 1987 (full concert: 1h 45m).


1.Up The Hill Backwards
2.Glass Spider
3.Day-In Day-Out
4.Bang Bang
5.Absolute Beginners
6.Loving The Alien
7.China Girl
8.Rebel Rebel
10.Never Let Me Down
12.Sons Of The Silent Age
13.Young Americans
14.The Jean Genie
15.Let’s Dance
18.Blue Jean
19.I Wanna Be Your Dog
20.White Light / White Heat
21.Modern Love

Tour band:
David Bowie – vocals, guitar
Peter Frampton – guitar, vocals
Carlos Alomar – guitar
Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
Alan Childs – drums
Erdal Kizilcay – keyboards, trumpet, congas, violin
Richard Cottle – keyboards, saxophone

Tour dancers:
Melissa Hurley
Constance Marie
Spazz Attack (Craig Allen Rothwell)
Viktor Manoel
Stephen Nichols
Toni Basil (choreography)

So long, Star Man


David Bowie


So long, Star Man.

No rock star was more forward-looking or incorporated so many different cultural streams; it shouldn’t be surprising that his influence and resonance have only increased over the years. He was a cultural vampire, in the best sense; he took from everybody and he never aged.