Scratching the Surface – A Post-Punk Playlist

Scratching the Surface – A Post-Punk Playlist

We may be a bit biased, but the appeal of post-punk music lies in its diversity and the quantity of top-shelf bands that explored the darker, artier, and weirder side of the punk spectrum. Even after all these years, new bands pay homage to the movement and old, forgotten records are unearthed from the abyss and given new life.

With that in mind, please enjoy this two hour continuous mix of some second-tier post-punk bands, mostly from the UK. Many of our readers may already be familiar with most of these artists, while fans freshly exploring the genre should find lots to love outside of the standard post-punk diet of Siouxsie, Smith, and Moz.


  1. Lucinda- A Certain Ratio (UK, 1982, Sextet LP, Factory)
  2. Is Vic There?- Department S (UK, 1980, Is Vic There? 7”, Demon Records)
  3. Institution Walls (Remix)- B-Movie (UK, 1981, Remembrance Day 7”, Deram)
  4. Autocrat- For Against (US, 1987, Echelons LP, Independent Project Records)
  5. A Moment Like This- Fra Lippo Lippi (Norway, 1981, In Silence LP, Uniton Records)
  6. War Games- Opposition (UK, 1981, Breaking the Silence LP, Disc’ AZ International)
  7. The Fire- The Names (Belgium, 1982, Swimming LP, Les Discques Du Crépuscule)
  8. Electric Dreams- The Lucy Show (UK, 1984, Electric Dreams 7”, Piggy Bank Records)
  9. The Square- The Passions (UK, 1981, Thirty Thousand Feet Over China LP, Fiction Records)
  10. The Ultimate Stranger- Red Zebra (Belgium, 1981, Bastogne 12”, Zebra Records)
  11. Colourless Dream- Sad Lovers and Giants (UK, 1981, Colourless Dream 7”, Last Movement)
  12. Taboo- Easter and the Totem (UK, 1982, Hip Replacement LP, Ark Music Publishers)
  13. You Move Me- The Comsat Angels (UK, 1985, 7 Day Weekend LP, Jive)
  14. A To I- In The Nursery (UK, 1983, When Cherished Dreams Come Through LP, Paragon)
  15. A- The Associates (UK, 1980, The Affectionate Punch LP, Fiction)
  16. Judas- The Wake (Scotland, 1982, Harmony LP, Factory)
  17. Crazy- Pylon (US, 1983 Chomp LP, DB Records)
  18. Missiles- The Sound (UK, 1980, Jeopardy LP, Korova)
  19. Die Matrosen- Liliput (Switzerland, 1980, Split 7”, Rough Trade)
  20. The Art of War- Siglo XX  (Belgium, 1982, The Art of War 12”, Antler)
  21. A Day’s Wait- Altered Images (UK, 1981, Happy Birthday LP, Epic)
  22. A Sullen Sky- Lowlife (Scotland, 1987, Diminuendo LP, Nightshift Records UK)
  23. Hollow Inside- The Mighty Lemon Drops (UK, 1988, World Without End LP, Chrysalis)
  24. Euthenics- Modern Eon (UK, 1981, Fiction Tales LP, Dindisc)
  25. Smiles and Laughter- Modern English (UK, 1981, Smiles and Laughter 7”, 4AD)
  26. We’re So Cool- Au Pairs (UK, 1981, Playing With a Different Sex LP, Human Records)
  27. Ghosts- Abecedarians (US, 1990, The Other Side of the Fence LP, Independent Project Records)
  28. Over the Fancies- Ellysgarden (France, 1994, Echoes CD, Alea Jacta Est)
  29. Bad Blood- Breathless (UK, 1986, Nailing Colours to the Wheel 12”, Tenor Vossa Records)
  30. Military Tactics- The Pollen (France, 1988, Contrasts LP, Danceteria)
  31. Firefly- B.F.G. (UK, 1988, Fathoms LP, Attica Records)


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