When Tony Wilson interviewed The Smiths for Granada Reports

When Tony Wilson interviewed The Smiths for Granada Reports.

The Smiths, and Morrissey in particular made many television appearances during 1984 in promotion of the band’s second album, Meat is Murder. One such interview during this time was with none other than Tony Wilson, the man who regrettably did not sign the band to his label Factory Records.

During the interview, the strained relationship between the journalist/label owner and the man he used to call Steven, is made painfully obvious with the sarcastic introduction. Tony then goes on to make it a point to interview the rhythm section of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce first, followed by Johnny Marr—who Tony credits with writing all the melodies.

When the interview finally gets to Morrissey himself, Tony interrogates him on the controversial lyrics on Meat Is Murder, especially the LP’s intro track The Headmaster Ritual. to which Morrissey barbs Tony with a grin on his face that he should try being a popstar to express his political views.



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