UNDER THE RADAR: Siobhan Wilson – “Dark Matter”

UNDER THE RADAR: Siobhan Wilson – “Dark Matter”

It’s already been a fantastic year for Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Siobhan Wilson. As well as releasing There Are No Saints, one of the year’s finest albums, and appearing live in a session on 6Music, the Elgin-raised songwriter also cleaned up at the recent Green Man Rising competition earning herself a slot at the festival. Celebrating that triumph, Siobhan has announced a slue of new tour dates for September, as well as sharing a video to one of her debut album’s stand-out moments, Dark Matter.

Set to a stripped backing of electric guitar and minimal percussion, Dark Matter is a contemplative musing on the trials and tribulations of everyday living, as she contrasts life’s huge and minor mysteries noting: “nobody really know what dark is made of, or what goes on behind your eyes”. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Siobhan suggests it is, “about all of the things you can never understand about life, time, space and people”. You shouldn’t need us, or for that matter Green Man Festival, to tell you that Siobhan Wilson is a talent undeniably on the rise.

There Are No Saints is out now via Song, By Toad.

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