UNDER THE RADAR: Frankie Rose – “Dyson Sphere”

UNDER THE RADAR: Frankie Rose – “Dyson Sphere”.

Frankie Rose is finally returning after a four-year absence with Cage Tropical, the veteran New York rocker’s first album since returning to the city from the West Coast.

Recorded with Lansing-Dreiden/Violens mastermind and prolific indie-world producer Jorge Elbrecht and assisted along the way by Nicolas Jaar’s erstwhile Darkside bandmate Dave Harrington, Cage Tropical was inspired by the chilly synth scores of ’80s sci-fi, and early singles “Trouble” and “Red Museum” definitely bore that influence out. 

But “Dyson Sphere,” named for a hypothetical megastructure of solar panels enveloping the sun, is the most overtly menacing yet, an ominous synthetic post-punker that comes with a video of Rose performing while shrouded in a thick blue haze directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone.



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