THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “I Remember Nothing”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “I Remember Nothing”.

“Violent more violent his hand cracks the chair …

We had been playing this one for a while very loosely; it had no real order. So we jammed it in the studio and Martin added the shattering glass and other effects. This was also Barney’s first foray into using the Transcendent 2000. He’d bought Sound Engineer magazine, or Sound International or something, and you got a free piece of electronic kit every week – the idea being to build your own synthesizer, which is what he’d done; he soldered together the Transcendent 2000. Build it himself: quite an achievement. It’s used a lot on the track. One of the interesting things about Joy Division is that people can never tell who’s playing what; is it guitar or bass, keyboard or bass or guitar? This is a great, atmospheric track and came together very quickly. In the New Order days, especially towards the end, we’d hammer our tracks to death. Budgeting a month a track to record. You’d try everything bar the kitchen sink and end up mainly coming back to exactly what you started with. Then it was blighted by the huge waste of time and money. Ending up with everyone in the group hating each other. We should have just looked at Unknown Pleasures and made every album that way. We’d probably never have split up. But people change. Ah well, last thing is the notable use of the Frank Sinatra lyric “Strangers”.”

Peter Hook in “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division”.


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