THIS IS OUR MUSIC: XTC – “This world over”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: XTC – “This world over”.

One of the quieter numbers from The Big Express, “This World Over” makes for a moodier reflection on a seemingly post-apocalyptic situation. It’s a bit curious to hear in context, though, since it actually sounds to an extent like a Police song circa Ghost in the Machine — clipped guitar parts and beats, gentle synth washes, almost a bit of dub in the bass. However, those not really pleased by the Sting approach to things, especially in terms of end-of-the-world situations, will probably find this more to their taste, with Andy Partridge’s gift for involved melodies and warm but wounded vocals in full flow. Subtle additions throughout the song — a piano part introduced halfway through the song, crying guitars that rise and then cut out in the mix — result in a textured, entrancing arrangement that shows the group were far from simple sixties revivalists.


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