THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Wilderness”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Wilderness”.

“I travelled far and wide to stations of the cross…

I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but this is a fantastic bass line. I watched John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers play acoustically at their gig at the MEN Arena. I think I can safely say that, of the 19.000 people there, 18.950 didn’t know what it was – but I did, and it brought a tear to my eye, definitely. Monster bass line. A bass line that every bass player dreams of and I got it, so thank you.
It’s Ian’s sideswipe at religion, the futility of religion, the things that are done and perpetrated in it name. It’s poetry. Once you unlock the meaning of the lyrics, or at least what you think is the meaning of the lyrics, you can lose yourself in them. Each one of his lyrics is like a wonderful little story in itself. Rob didn’t like this track.
Great guitar, too. The two instruments interplay very well. I do think that Barney’s guitar playing is underrated. He’s a fantastic guitarist. One of the things that puzzled me when he started working with Johnny Marr is why he gave up the guitar. I prefer his playing. Maybe it’s that thing about always wanting to move on to something else, whereas I’ve always been quite happy to capitalize on what I’ve got. This reminds me of when I got Donald Johnson of Certain Ratio to teach me how to do slap bass. Everyone was doing it and I was feeling the pressure, shall we say. I tried once, one lesson; he just laughed, squeezed my arm and said, “Hooky, stick to what you’re great at!” Lovely guy.”

Peter Hook in “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division”.


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