THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Mekons – “Millionaire”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Mekons – “Millionaire”.

Song from the album “I Love Mekons” (1993).

While the Mekons are the furthest thing from predictable, they are never less than humorous. “Millionaire” is a fantastic example of the band’s innate ability to be incredibly hilarious while sounding unbelievably cool to the point of almost — almost — seeming indifferent.

Timms’ laconic delivery of vicious lines like “Lust corrodes my body/ I’ve lost count of my lovers/ but I can count my money forever and forever” is abetted by a propulsive, downright danceable rhythm section, driving guitars and some sweet plinky strings.

One almost does wonder, as she sings the infectious and ecstatic refrain of “I love a millionaire,” if this socially conscious band actually kind of does feel just the slightest affection for idle wealth. Maybe she’s being funny — but who amongst us doesn’t love a millionaire?




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