MIXTAPE: Yearbook 1979 (Part 1) by Little Records

1979 was a big year: Thatcher was elected UK Prime Minister, another oil shortage plagued drivers everywhere, the USSR attacked Afghanistan, Khomeini seized power in Iran and Hussein assumed leadership in Iraq, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred, China proclaimed 1 child was enough, and Sid Vicious OD’d. In more lighthearted news, the Sony Walkman made its debut; Alien, The Deer Hunter, and Kramer vs. Kramer were big hits; and Pink Floyd released “The Wall”. In our survey of ’79 there’s no Floyd, but in Part 1 you will hear The Clash, The B-52’s, Pere Ubu, Ian Dury, The Selecter, Gang of Four, The Contortions, Spizzenergi, Germs, The Fall, & much more.

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