THIS IS OUR MUSIC: THE CLASH – “London’s Burning”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: THE CLASH – “London’s Burning”.

Aside from, say, “London Calling”, “London’s Burning” has maybe the best Clash intro in their discography.

Strummer’s blood roar of the track’s title is followed by what sounds like an unforgiving car wreck. It’s straightforward punk, but it’s a proud moment for the foot-stomping Strummer as he barks about the squares trapped in their cars in traffic or in front of their TV sets. The final verse has him running through the subway system and surrounding abandoned buildings, reeking havoc, and sounding recklessly free in his own way of life. The boys shake everything loose and open people’s eyes to the world. 

To challenge the status quo and stop falling in line is something they’d revisit on…

The Only Lyric That Matters: “The wind howls through the empty blocks looking for a home/ I run through the empty stone because I’m all alone”



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