THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Candidate”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Candidate”.

“I campaigned for nothing, I worked hard for this…”

“Martin needed two more songs so he said to me and Steve, “You’ve not got enough songs. You need to go in and write more songs”.
We were like, “Go in and write? We can’t go in and write”! What do you mean?” That just wasn’t the way we came up with songs. We jammed them as a band; we didn’t write them like that.
“Just go in there and write two more songs.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”
So we took ourselves off and started “writing” – well, jamming. We got “Candidate” immediately – and also “From Safety to Where”, which ended up not making it on the album. If you listen closely to “Candidate” it has that feel of a song that’s not quite finished – well, it does to me, anyway, because I know that it’s a jam that Ian went and put a vocal on. A great song, yes; but, like I say, not completely worked out. Great for that reason, though.
So we had these two tracks and Martin said “Right, Bernard, go and put some guitar on those songs; they’re really good, these”. So Bernard went and was sitting there with his guitar for ages, not playing on the tracks – well, hardly playing at all – because he didn’t like them. This was the guitarist’s equivalent of a huffy teenage strop. Like when you tell a kid to tidy their room and two minutes later they go. “Happy now?” That’s what I mean when I talk about his “economical” playing. He’s a brilliant guitarist but woe betide you if he didn’t like the song; he’d either refuse point blank to put guitar on it or do such half-arsed guitar you wish you hadn’t bothered.
Martin decided to turn to twenty-four-track tape over and play track backwards, pushing him to play over it forwards, which he seemed to quite like; he perked up a bit and we did actually got some good guitar, Martin then spun the tape back over so the guitar backwards. It actually worked. “From Safety to Where” was Barney’s economical guitar playing at its very best.”
Peter Hook from “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division”


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