THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Disorder”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Joy Division – “Disorder”.

“I’ve got the spirit, but lose the feeling…”

“Because we recorded “Unknown Pleasures” so quickly there wasn’t the time to re-record much (with the exception of Steve’s drums, obviously) so there are a few bum notes on the album, most of which are courtesy of yours truly. The ones that are more noticeable – and these are the only ones I’m going to point out – are on “Disorder”, where it sounds like it could be Bernard’s guitar but it’s not, it’s me. The funny thing is, though, they’re now part of the song, even though they’re bum notes. It’s where I was playing the lower string and catching the A and D with my plectrum, which has given it that guitar sound. Playing it back, I can’t imagine “Disorder” without those sounds. Some of the low notes are a bit wild too but, hey, we were young. Like Pete Saville’s theory, now we’d stop and go, “Hold on, Hooky’s played a wrong note. He’s caught the strings, we’ll have to fix that!”. It’s a mistake, but it ended up being a good mistake; to me it sounds really interesting.”
Peter Hook in “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division”.

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