THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Cure – “Pictures Of You”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: The Cure – “Pictures Of You”.

This is the Cure at their best: a gorgeous, shimmering two-chord cascade of synthesizer slabs, interweaving guitar and bass lines, passionate singing and romantic lyrics from Robert Smith. Two chords are all that Smith needs for a foundation upon which to effortlessly construct one of his exquisite melancholy melodies.

The brooding vocalist has a perfect voice for the material, a voice so expressive and commanding that Smith seems to possess an innate and acute understanding of just what notes to economically choose to convey his particular brand of introverted heartbreak. 

The dense soundscape of the song is representative of the interior depths that Smith plumbs in his lyric. On the page, the words are little more than slightly overwrought, even sophomoric love clichés, but Smith pulls of the Romantic (in the literary sense) with a confident deftness and delivers them with an unquestionable sincerity.



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