UNDER THE RADAR: Surf Rock is Dead – “Anymore”

UNDER THE RADAR: Surf Rock is Dead – “Anymore”.

After listening to “Anymore” for just a second or two, it becomes apparent that Brooklyn duo Surf Rock Is Dead (Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg) is operating under a knowingly ironic moniker. The single’s lithe guitar lead traces the entire history of surfy jangle, from the genre’s early-’60s inception through the days of chiming Factory and Creation Records bands, arriving somewhere in the present alongside the gentle Atlantic Coast wanderings of Beach Fossils and Real Estate.

A slightly more muscular guitar texture emerges in the song’s last minute, suggesting a soft-focus take on shoegaze; it pushes the mood beyond seashore tranquility, urging the afloat-in-reverb vocals to wade out deeply into classic summer-pop themes of longing, nostalgia, and freedom. At its core, this is modern surf music, but there’s nothing frothy about it.

.under the radar



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