UNDER THE RADAR: Los Campesinos! – “The Fall of Home”

UNDER THE RADAR: Los Campesinos! – “The Fall of Home”.

Los Campesinos still very good at writing absolutely brilliant, heart-breaking, emotional pop songs – further evidence came this week in the shape of new single, The Fall Of Home.

Lifted from their upcoming album Sick Scenes, The Fall Of Home is the bands tribute to those who left small towns behind for their own sanity and, “return “home” for Christmas and funerals, feeling like a tourist”.

It’s a beautifully downbeat offering from a band whose ability to tug at the heart-strings remains undiminished; musically it blurs sweet glockenspiels, gorgeous swathes of cello and gently plucked acoustic guitars, all sitting beneath subtly layered vocals, who chime in unison, “left your home town for somewhere new, don’t be surprised now it’s leaving you”. Los Campesinos! sound has evolved hugely from those early recordings, but they remain one of the true gems of the UK indie-scene.

.for the rabbits


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