THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Verlaines – “Pyromaniac”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Verlaines – “Pyromaniac”.

Song from the 10 O’Clock In The Afternoon EP (1984).
This mini-album made legend in the ’80s to followers of the sophisticated pop movement coming from the small country of New Zealand during that decade. The Flying Nun label was the epicenter for this scene, and the Verlaines were arguably the most eloquent animators of this jangle pop sensibility.

Video filmed at TVNZ Avalon studios, Brett Hanson.

The Verlaines are a rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand, formed in 1981.

The Verlaines were noted for their angular, “difficult” song structures, wordy and downbeat lyrics, unusual subject matter all contained in often frantic up-tempo playing. The Verlaines were led by songwriter and vocalist/guitarist Graeme Downes although many other New Zealand musicians played guitar, bass, drums and brass instruments during the different stages of the band.


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