PHOTO: Ian Curtis, Joy Division, 4th April 1980: The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London

Ian Curtis, Joy Division, 02-04 April 1980- The Moonlight Club, London

PHOTO: Ian Curtis, Joy Division, 4th April 1980: The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London.

Not many people knew Joy Division would play here –
it was the Rainbow Theatre concert that was advertised.

As soon as the gig at Rainbow was over Joy Division left their equipment and hurried by car to The Moonlight Club. Here they entered the stage as the last band.

They had played two concerts in one day several times before so they figured they could do it again but Ian, who had been increasingly ill the last couple of months, was in no condition for another performance.

Neil Norman wrote in NME:

“Within 8 minutes of the end of [Vini Reilly’s] set the magnificent Joy Division took the stage and played with a power and passion that made it difficult to believe they were literally within an hour or so of playing at the Rainbow.

The strain was most noticeable in vocalist Ian Curtis who was helped off stage after their fifth number, although until then his performance had been as darkly effective as ever…

… Unlike The Fall, who make me want to go out and kick a cat, Joy Division convince me I could spit in the face of God.”

Songs performed:
01. Transmission
02. A Means To An End
03. Twenty Four Hours
04. Day Of The Lords
05. Insight
06. Interzone.


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