Leeds/London trio, T.O.Y.S have this week announced the release of SICKS, their debut album, which will come out via the ever excellent Odd Box Records next month. The band, who formed back in 2010, have thus far shared a trio of EP’s, showcasing their own take on lo-fi indie experimentation, relying on heavy bass and prominent keyboards rather than the classic garage blue print.

T.O.Y.S have also this week shared the first material from the album in the shape of new single, G-A-C. As well as cementing their love for all things initial-based, the new single is a fine example of what the band do so well, urgent buzzing keys sit proudly atop, distinctive rolling drum beats and driving, dirgy bass-lines, as singer David Kitchen throws his heart and soul into a passionate yelp of a vocal. T.O.Y.S put a fresh spin on indie’s 1980’s hey-day , and in doing so create something intriguingly modern.

.for the rabbits


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