THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Ramones – “Substitute”

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Ramones – “Substitute”.

Apparently, this is the 1993 version banned by MTV, but I wouldn’t know what other versions are out there. If any. This is a cover of The Who’s classic and was featured on the Ramones’ covers album Acid Eaters. The video is a tribute to b-movies.

“B-movies mania: The Ramones’ wacky new Radioactive video cover of the Who’s classic “Substitute” directed by Tom Rainone, features a veritable who’s who of B-movies stars.

The cast includes Karen Black, Linnea Quigley, Ken Force, William Smith, and Nicholas Worth, whose combined film credits include “Day of the Locust” , “Return of the Living Dead”, Dawn of the Dead”, “Grave of the Vampire”, and “Don’t Answer the Phone”.

Psycho rock fans will recognize the likes of Mötorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, White Zombie’s Sean Yseult, and the Cramp’s Lux Interior among members of the vid cast. And bonus points go to the viewer who can spot famed comic book artist Robert Williams.”

.bilboard February 5, 1994


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