UNDER THE RADAR: J Mascis – “Every Morning”


UNDER THE RADAR: J Mascis – “Every Morning”.

“Every Morning” is from Mascis’ latest solo record, Tied to a Star (2014).

In the video for “Every Morning” a fictional religious cult called “The Space Children Of The Forest” mysteriously disappears. The Funny or Die-helmed video takes place in 1974 and features the Shins’ James Mercer as a loyal, egg-loving devotee to Mascis, who plays a Jesus-like figure. Fred Armisen, meanwhile, plays his hilariously-outfitted nemesis.




THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Felt – “Ballad Of The Band”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Felt – “Ballad Of The Band”

In 1979, the 16-year-old Lawrence (no surname, just Lawrence) audaciously launched the project he would christen “Felt” – the moniker referring to the raw emotion that Tom Verlaine displayed in the lyric “How We Felt” from Television’s “Venus.”

Stains On A Decade is the first Felt compilation to combine their Cherry Red and Creation releases, and the title emphasises Felt’s paradox of being the quintessential eighties band in terms of existence (1980 – 1989) but musically never approaching the cursed “eighties band” cliché. As Lawrence dryly explains; “If you do something against the grain, it becomes a stain, something that shouldn’t be there. As we existed for a decade…” The compilation offers a small glimpse of the Felt world – mesmeric, accessible, idiosyncratic, dogmatic, contradictory, unforgettable, like  the song “Ballad Of The Band”, a Dylanesque whinges about fellow band members.

UNDER THE RADAR: St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse”


UNDER THE RADAR: St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse”.

New Video for “Birth In Reverse”.

The video, directed by Willo Perron, is a spectacle that matches the song itself. Annie Clark is upright, donning a dress that resembles a straightjacket. It’s interspersed with moments where she’s free, dancing in a realm of color and playing a guitar in space.



THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Young Marble Giants – “N.I.T.A”


THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Young Marble Giants – “N.I.T.A”

From 1980, the Welsh New Wave band who shocked the world by being quiet and introspective in an age of loud punk posturing.

Song taken from the album Colossal Youth on Rough Trade. This album is a collection of sparse, evocative tunes emphasising Alison Statton’s floating vocals and minimal guitar/organ/bass/drum machine arrangements. Comparable to little else from its time or since, this is rock music at its most austere.